Pipeline Video Inspections - High Pressure Water Jetting - Catch Basin Cleaning

Lateral / Mainline Infrastructure Inspections

  • CCTV truck equipped with a Sonde Locator camera unit
  • 1000 feet of mainline inspection
  • 120 feet of lateral launch inspection from main
  • Remote Transporter
  • 6" and up capability
  • On-screen text
  • Pipe Logix reporting software and module

NASSCOBMC Corp. provides professional service, using NASSCO certified operators (and MACP certified operators for manhole inspection, LACP for lateral inspection and PACP for pipeline inspection).

CCTV Pipeline Inspections

CCTV Pipeline Inspection is one of the most versatile services that BMC Corp offers. Contractors, municipalities, property managers and engineers all benefit from this service, whether it be to review that their project was done properly, to view internal infrastructure of the pipeline for identifying inflow and infiltration (I & I), to plan maintenance strategies, Illicit Discharge Detection, potentially dangerous Utility Cross Bore Detection or to use in conjunction with pipeline cleaning services in order to increase efficiency.

Our NEW Talpa FSR 2060 is designed for pipes with diameters of 200mm and above. By appropriately spreading its wheels and adding extra weights, it can be used in sewers with a pipe diameter of up to 600mm.


Service Connection Repair

Service Connection Repair The epros® DrainLCR-S system repairs and permanently seals main/lateral interfaces and connections up to 600 mm from the main line down into the lateral. The system can use either an LCR-S hat profile or an LCR-S liner. The LCR-S packer method allows to repair lateral connections with bends from 30° to 90°.

Lateral Launch allows BMC crews to commence the mainline sewer inspection from one manhole and inspect the entire mainline while at the same time inspecting all the laterals from the main pipe.

We carry a vast assortment of wheel types, including carbide metal flake wheels to increase camera footage in the worst working conditions. Investigations in all pipe materials, from 4" laterals, to 6" mainline and up. Our equipment can inspect large diameter pipes in high flow conditions with use of the launch system, where main line cameras are under water.

Our CCTV Inspection truck is kept organized and clean with plenty of room for several project managers to view work progress in a climate controlled environment.

Our IBAK CCTV camera system is equipped with a Sonde transmitter which is essential for locating buried manholes and other locations necessary to the project.

Our SONDE Locating Device is used to locate buried manholes and tractor locations along the pipeline.